Unpack Faster with These Helpful Tips

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Just as there is an art to packing, there is an art to unpacking. Unpacking is no easy task, but with a bit of dedication you can get through it without too much hassle. If you’re looking to unpack faster and easier, then check out these great tips from our team of experienced removalists.

Don’t procrastinate!

After getting all your belongings from A to B, you’re already exhausted and the last thing you feel like doing is unpacking all your stuff and putting it away. While you may hear a glass of wine calling your name, fight the urge and do as much as you can before you put up your feet. In most cases any boxes not unpacked in the first week will sit there for months.

Enlist helpers

You know the saying: many hands make light work. Invite your friends and family around to give you a hand with the unpacking. While you’ll be the one coordinating where everything goes, you can get your helpers to unpack everything in the right room for you to put away later.

Recycle or store boxes straight away

Unless you’re into minimalist living, chances are you have a fair few boxes. As you unpack, your boxes will take up loads of spaces and hinder your efforts. As you go make sure you collapse each box and store it away for future use or pop it straight in the recycling bin.

Reward yourself

Unpacking is a big job, so be kind to yourself. Try to make unpacking a bit of a game and reward you and your helpers a little treat after unpacking each box or finishing each room. Whether it’s a cool beverage or a short TV episode, a small reward will go a long way to keep you motivated.

Call in the experts

If you simply can’t face unpacking, then there is another solution! Contact The Removals Group. We offer professional pre-packing and unpacking services with all our removal jobs. If you want a removalist company that goes above and beyond, then you can trust our Gold Coast removalist services.