Moving with Kids: 5 Useful Tips

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Moving is a stressful time and having kids can make it even more challenging. To help you brave the storm, here are some helpful tips from our team of removalists.

Pack them last and unpack them first

Its important to keep your child’s world as normal as possible leading up to the move, so hold off packing up their room until last. When you get to your new place, prioritise unpacking their room first so they can begin associating their things with your new place. Try to keep the layout as familiar as possible.

Get them involved

A great way to dispel any nerves about moving is to get your kids excited to help you pack and unpack. This way they will feel like a part of the process and you can chat to them about moving to a new house and any other related life changes. If your kids are older, you can give them responsibilities and teach them valuable life skills for the future.

Keep them entertained on moving day

Children have notoriously short attention spans and moving days are just as exhausting for them as they are for you. Make sure you organise a little go pack handy with a few toys or electronics to keep them entertained. This will not only keep them busy on moving day, but it will also be a comfort to them.

Arrange child care if necessary

Sometimes with younger children, it’s best to have someone else look after them on moving day. If your child is particularly nervous or stressed about the move, the day of the move may be too traumatic. Similarly, children that are energetic or overly-active may be distracting or dangerous when running underfoot.

Get some professional help

If you are struggling to organise a move with children, then contact The Removals Group today. Our dedicated removalists offer pre-packing and unpacking services to help make moving day easier for you and the kids. So, if you need a quality removalist on the Gold Coast, look no further!