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Make Your Interstate Removal Easy and Worry Free!

An interstate removal is a huge undertaking and understanding all the components to plan for is very important. There are many things to consider and the timing of every step in the move is critical to avoid any unnecessary issues. Forgetting one little thing can mean major challenges when you get to your new home and try to move in.

For a reliable and professional team who understands the full process, and all the very important details, count on The Removals Group. At least one major challenge of your move can be taken care of right away, and that’s choosing the right removalist company. Based on the Gold Coast, our experienced team can help you move across Queensland or interstate throughout Australia. We service the entire Gold Coast including Robina, Elanora, Mermaid, Tweed Heads and Palm Beach

You’ll Need Our Free ‘Moving Checklist’

To plan for everything involved in relocating your home, take advantage of our complementary moving checklist. Click to instantly access and open it, then save it to your computer for printing or to refer to in the coming weeks.

The Big Questions In Regards To Your Move

  • Will you source your own boxes to pack everything? If you need conveniently sized boxes, you can get them directly from our box shop for very low prices.
  • Do you need to move fragile items? These need good padding. Our box shop can help you out there too.
  • What items will you take with you in the car when traveling? A list of essential items is important, and don’t forget toys for the kids!
  • What will you need for yourself during the move? A change of clothes, work items, laptops, etc.
  • How long will you be without essential items that are packed before you can access them?

The moving checklist will help with all these types of preparations.

What To Look For In A Removal Company

With any service industry there can be ‘cowboys’ – there are true professionals and others in-between. Something that The Removals Group prides itself on is a strong focus on honesty and integrity. Integrity to us means more than ‘doing the right thing,’ but also doing exactly what we promise and writing all details in our quotes.

Integrity as the highest focus began with Des Payne who started out in the removal industry in 1989, before Ben, his son, purchased the business to make it his own, to carry on the family values. With over 30 years of experience and a fantastic reputation seen on Google Reviews, you can be certain you’re in good, safe, reliable hands with The Removals Group for all your moving needs. When you look for a removal company, check how many years the business has been operating.

Reliable Interstate Removal Services


Need peace of mind for your move? You’ll be pleased to know The Removals Group is one of only a few removals companies that offer a damage-free guarantee – in writing with your quotation.

Packing Service

To ensure your items are damage-free you can take advantage of our packing and unpacking service. All your valuables and fragile items will be padded, boxed, sealed and marked to safely be transported and then unpacked in your new home. Rest easy knowing your items will be in the hands of trained professionals, every step of the way.

Need To Store Furniture Or Household Items?

If you are unable to move into your next home straight away and need to store your possessions for a day, week or months, you’ll enjoy our completely flexible storage solutions. Very few companies offer such flexible timeframes. Many want you to ‘lock-in’ or have minimum storage times of months, not one or 7 days.

With our eco-friendly modular timber storage units stored safely in our own Burleigh Heads warehouse, you’ll have no concerns over the safety and security of your furniture or valuable items. There’s no limitation on how much you want to store either. It can be one box or as many as you like or need. You can also decide at any time how long you still want your items stored and can access them within one day.

30+ Years With Over 19,867 Happy Customers

More than 19,867 happy customers – that’s how many homeowners have been happy with their move thanks to The Removals Group team on the Gold Coast. You can trust The Removals Group thanks to our good old-fashioned family values of honesty, reliability and integrity.

When you call to talk, you’ll be greeted by a friendly, helpful professional who’ll answer all your questions immediately. Book a quotation at any time that suits you and then expect us to arrive on time for it. You’ll be listened to and advised on all aspects of the move, not ‘pushed’ in any direction. However you want to be moved, from packing yourself to using our packing services, the choice is yours.

After the quotation discussion, you’ll be given our proposal in writing by email so you can access it anywhere, anytime. Everything discussed about your move that’s important for your peace of mind will be included in it. Compare our written quotes with anyone else’s and you’ll appreciate the detail our company goes to in order to ensure your happiness with the whole moving experience. Find out more about our company history, which is fully disclosed on our about us page.

Decades Of Relocation Experience On The Gold Coast

To experience complete peace of mind, place your move in the hands of true professionals with a 30-year reputation. Get in touch with The Removals Group today to get started with friendly, helpful service and organise a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items are you not allowed to transport?

We are not permitted to transport anything that is flammable such as gas bottles, fuel, aerosols and liquids such as methylated spirits. We also don’t allow materials that are poisonous, toxic or corrosive. Feel free to ask our staff for more specific requests.

How long will it take to move my belongings?

Moving can be a stressful experience, but with careful planning and a little patience, it can be a straightforward one. When you book your move with us, we will give you an estimate of how long the process will take - there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, unfortunately.

The time taken depends on a variety of factors, including how long it'll take to load and unload your items, as well as how long it'll take to transport them to your new home. Our team will work with you to schedule our services according to your moving date.

What type of packing materials do I need?

When packing for your interstate move, we recommend using cardboard boxes instead of plastic ones. This is because cardboard is less prone to damage during transit than plastic crates or containers (which may crack or break).

However, if you're shipping fragile items, wrap them up in bubble wrap first for an extra layer of protection.

Are there any factors that may affect my interstate move quote or the final price?

Yes, there are a number of factors that may affect your interstate move quote. For example, the weight of your items can affect the price because heavier items are more expensive to transport.

The distance that you're travelling can also affect the price as the further away you are from your new destination, the longer the journey will be. Also, the amount of space your items take up can also affect the price.

Smaller items that don't take up much space, like pots and pans or clothes cost less than large/bulky items like furniture, for example.

How does buying insurance during the move affect how insurers verify how many items were lost or damaged?

If you want to buy insurance to cover an interstate move it's best to do so beforehand. This is so that you can provide them with a list of your items in the instance that they're broken or damaged during the move and you want to file a claim. If possible, don't buy insurance after the move.

This is because it's harder for the insurer to verify how many items were lost or damaged because they won't have any record of what was involved in the move at the time of purchase. Without evidence, it's likely that the insurer won't pay out.

What Should I Consider when moving Interstate?

Partnering with a reputable interstate removalist company is important when planning an interstate move. An interstate move is a significant undertaking, requiring careful planning and preparation. There are several key considerations to bear in mind. Firstly, it is essential to determine the volume and weight of items that need to be moved, as this will impact the type of transport required. Furthermore, it would be best if you considered the logistics of the move, such as the distance to be travelled and the timeframe. If you plan to make your interstate move, contact our team of expert interstate removalists today and let us tailor a moving solution just for you.

Where are my Goods Stored During the move?

Your goods will be stored in secure storage facilities during the relocation process. These facilities are typically clean, dry and pest-free, ensuring the best possible care for your belongings. Items are wrapped and packed efficiently to maximise space and prevent potential damage during transit or storage. The storage solutions are flexible, allowing for temporary and long-term needs, depending on your specific requirements. Ensure your belongings are secure with our storage solutions. Reach out to our removalists on the Gold Coast for more information and secure your peace of mind.

Do you supply boxes and packing materials?

Yes, we supply packing materials, including boxes, tape, bubble wrap and packing paper, to ensure the safe transportation of your belongings. We designed these materials to protect your items from damage during transit, offering options to suit various item types and sizes. Additionally, we advise on effective packing techniques to help you prepare your belongings for the move, ensuring their safety and minimising the risk of damage.

How do you determine the cose of an interstate move?

A variety of factors determine the cost of an interstate move. One key factor is the distance of the move, as longer distances involve more transport costs. Another important factor is the volume or weight of your belongings, which affects the size and type of vehicle needed. Additional services like packing or storage may also influence the cost. However, remember that it is always in our interest to provide a competitive and fair rate for high-quality service.

How Long in advance should I book my interstate move?

You can book your interstate move as early as possible, preferably several months ahead of your planned moving date. Early booking ensures greater availability and flexibility, allowing for a more tailored moving experience. This lead time is especially crucial during peak moving seasons when demand for removalist services is high.

What Happens if my items get damage during the move?

In the unlikely event of damage during the move, we have a robust process to address and resolve such issues. The first step requires you to document the damage immediately and let us know. We will then initiate a claims process to assess the damage and determine the appropriate compensation or repair. Rest assured, we handle your belongings with the utmost care and attention to minimise the risk of damage.