Handy Packing Tips for Antiques and Collectables

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One of the most difficult things to pack are your valuables. Most families have antiques and collectables that are precious to them. Whether they are recent additions or family heirlooms, it’s essential that you take extra care with these items when you move. If you want to keep your valuable safe during your next move, here are some handy hints from our removalists.

Invest in good boxes

While it can be tempting to use old boxes you have lying around, when it comes to valuables its best to invest in sturdy, good-quality moving boxes. You can even buy specialised boxes for flat items such as mirrors or paintings. Many removalists stock their own high-quality boxes and packing materials that you can purchase prior to moving.

Don’t skimp on the padding

There are a wide variety of packing materials that you can use to protect your antiques and collectables. You can use bubble wrap, air pillows, crunched newspaper or a mixture of all three. You can also wrap your items in old shirts, towels or linen first to give some extra soft cushioning. This is particularly important for metal items such as silverware, brass and tin, which scratch easily.

Fill the hollows

If you have any items that are hollow inside, such as vases, glasses or ceramics, make sure you stuff the centre. This makes the items stronger and prevents unwanted breakages. By filling the centre will bubble wrap or paper you can dramatically increase their structural integrity.

Warn your friendly removalists

Make sure you label all boxes containing valuables ‘fragile’, so your removalists know to take extra care with these items. You should also have a word with your removalists before they pack the truck to be extra safe.
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