Moving Offices on the Gold Coast Made Easy

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Moving office is just as stressful, if not more stressful, than moving to a new house. Instead of just worrying about you and a few others, you need to organise and orchestrate many people (who are usually not that happy about moving). Luckily, with just a little bit of planning and some guidance from our removalists, you can make the office move anywhere from or to the Gold Coast ‘a piece of cake’.

Keep everyone in the loop

Moving office involves everyone, so make sure everyone is kept in the loop. Give everyone in the office the heads up ahead of time and plan time in the weeks leading up to the move to declutter and pack for the move. Delegate tasks to each department or person so that everyone knows what their role is.
Keeping everyone in the loop also includes your clients. Moving an office will undoubtedly affect workplace productivity and client liaising, so make sure you update your social feeds and mailing list to inform your clients of the move.

Inspect the new office

While this may seem obvious, make sure you carefully inspect your new office and plan out how you will organise the new space. Plan out where you will put each employee and group departments efficiently. This will ensure that all office equipment and furniture is put in the right places on moving day.

Hire the experts

If you want to reduce downtime during your office move, then call in the professionals. At The Removals Group, our removalists offer pre-packing and unpacking services for all office moves. We also have a box shop, where you can buy all of the boxes and packing materials you need to keep your office electronics, furniture and documents safe and secure.
Interested in our removal services? Catering to all suburbs on the Gold Coast, our experienced removalist team have the resources and expertise to carry out professional and hassle-free office removals.