Moving to and Enjoying Life on the Gold Coast

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The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s top destination’s for both Australian’s and international visitors.

Because it is a coastal city there many places to consider to move to and live, and all are a short drive to the beach.

If you’re relocating and want a removalist to assist you there’s a lot to plan and prepare for so that you move is smooth and concern free.

Finding where you want to live whether you’re renting or buying is similar except that you need to be moved in in one day for renting.

Organising your utilities so they are ready on the day is a good ingredient of a successful move.

The time of the year won’t matter too much for your move to the Gold Coast. Summer can be very hot with rain periods on and off but its not consistent and therefore reliable for planning to move dates.

Living on the Gold Coast

There are dozens of wonderful features of life on the Gold Coast with the first one being, it feels like you’re living a permanent holiday!

The Gold Coast has an incredible feel about it. It’s relaxed while also being exciting. There are hundreds of great places to visit and things to do.

Things to see and do include…

  • Going for a swim on famous Surfers Paradise beach (the image above)
  • Tallebudgera Creek, a great swimming spot
  • Currumbin Alley, a popular surfing and learn to surf spot
  • The Gold Coast Hinterland and Mt Tamborine, where you can go bush walking. You’ll find some delicious chocolate in one of the German shops there
  • Street/farmer markets in many places for good shopping of organic produce and gifts
  • Dream World, Sea World, Movie World and Wet n Wild are all on the north end of the Gold Coast

That’s just a sample of things to see on the beautiful Gold Coast. Once you move to the Gold Coast you’ll spend years exploring all of them.

Packing and Unpacking Your Valuables

There’s a risk of valuables being damaged or broken in the move. When it comes to moving, this is one of the decisions, to pack yourself or let the pros do it all for you.

If you let the pros do it for you, then there’s no need for concern, with our Damage Free Guarantee.

Our packing service happens the day before for the least inconvenience to your home.

If you’d like to consider our professional packing service read this page.

If you’d like to pack boxes yourself ready for the move you can always buy the boxes you need in any quantity with ideal sizes from our Box Shop.

Moving Pets

Where will your pets be on moving day? With you all the time or, a better option, with friends or family for the whole day.

Pets can be an inconvenience on the day of the move so taking care of the furry loved ones is a smart move for the day.

Connect the Internet!

Imagine moving house and having no internet for a few days or weeks. How horrifying would that be, especially for kids.

Its a good idea to call your chosen internet service provider and talk to them about how much notice they require before your move, to be connected on the day or day after your move.

Organising that will keep the family happy.

Changing Address

Its a good idea now to start recording all the senders of mail so that you know all the people and organisations you need to notify of your change of address.

You may receive some mail only once per year, like car registration notices so the sooner you start the list the better.

If you own a Post Office box you the change of address is easier. Contact Australia Post to find out more about that.

There are many things to know and plan for in your move to the Gold Coast.

Take a look at our Moving Interstate Checklist so you’re aware of what all the things are to allow for during your move so that its a smooth, enjoyable one.

To assist in moving your valuables contact our office for a quote, by hourly rate or to arrange an estimate and written quote.

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