A Removalists Guide to Downsizing

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Whether the kids have flown the coop or you’re looking to cut costs, downsizing has tones of great benefits, including reducing your mortgage, increasing retirement savings and less maintenance. If you are moving to a smaller home, then check out these great tips from our experienced team of removalists.

List the essentials

When you’re downsizing it’s difficult to know what to keep and what to throw away. Before you start packing, write down all the things you simply can’t live without. Pack these items first and then if you have any room you can add any items that you had a hard time giving up. The list will help you feel better about getting rid of the clutter, while ensuring you keep what you love.

Declutter as much as possible

When it comes to getting rid of things, always start in the kitchen. Overtime we accumulate duplicate dinner sets, extra mixing bowls and bakeware that we rarely use. Figure out how much of your kitchenware you actually use and get rid of the rest. Either donate them to charity or give them to your kids for their first home. Likewise, get rid of old clothes and linen and books that you no longer want.

Create a floorplan

Downsizing means that you no longer have the luxury of space. Before you move take a picture of your new home and draw out a floor plan. This way you can plan where everything goes ahead of time and ensure that all your furniture will fit in your new place. If it doesn’t, you will need to part with a few items or replace them with smaller pieces.

Enlist the help of friends

Downsizing is overwhelming, so it helps to have a friend or family member sit with you as you declutter. This way you can have a second opinion about what to keep and what to get rid of. If you are overly sentimental or have trouble letting go, it can help having someone that’s a little more decisive.
If you are struggling to downsize, contact The Removals Group today. Our friendly team of removalists are always happy to have a chat. Based on the Gold Coast our removalists pride themselves on providing excellent service and have the resources and expertise to carry out a professional, hassle-free move.