Different Types of Moving Boxes: What’s Best for Your Stuff

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When you move you want to ensure that your belongings stay safe and secure throughout the transport process. Before you start packing, it’s important that you invest in good quality moving boxes in a range of different shapes and sizes. Each type of box is designed to fit specific household items. This blog will list the most common box sizes used by removalists and what they should be used for.

Small boxes

Often referred to as book boxes, these boxes are perfect for storing heavy items like books, shoes, canned goods, small appliances, bottles and more. By packing heavy items into smaller boxes, you won’t be left with boxes that are too heavy to lift.

Medium or standard boxes

These are great all-purpose boxes ideal for a wide range of items. You can put almost anything in these boxes from pots, pans and kitchen utensils, to toys and mementos.

Large boxes

These boxes are perfect for lightweight items such as soft toys, pillows, blankets and clothing. Be mindful of the weight of larger boxes as you pack to ensure that they don’t become to difficult to lift.

Picture carton

These boxes are specially designed to hold mirrors, art work or pictures. Narrow in width and wide in length, these boxes will protect your items while in transport with very little packaging.

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