Items to Put in Your Go Box While Moving

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What’s a go box I hear you ask? A go box, or essentials box, is a box filled with all the most important items necessary to complete the travel portion of the move. Each member of your family should have their own individual go box filled with items that will make the move easier and more enjoyable. Need some inspiration? Here are some suggestions form our team of expert removalists.

Personal toiletries

Think about the toiletries you will use the first few nights and mornings in your new home and pack them into your go box. This includes your toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, body wash or soap and any hair, skin or cosmetic products you use daily. Oh, and don’t forget some toilet paper!


A go box should also include any prescription medication that you or your children are taking, as well as any relevant instruction medication. If you want to be really organised, throw in a first aid kit just in case anyone needs it during the move.

Phone, electronics and chargers

Your mobile phone is another essential. Make sure that your phone (and charger) are safely packed in your go box so you can make and receive calls to your removalist company, friends or family. If you are taking other forms of electronics, such as gaming consoles or music players, make sure your also pack these along with their chargers.

Wallet and moving documents

A small but essential item, your wallet needs to be easily accessible at all times. By keeping your wallet in your go box you can ensure that it doesn’t get misplaced or left behind. You should also pack any moving documents relating to your move, including any storage unit or removalist information and your new housing and utility documents.

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