How To Pack For A Move Checklist

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Packing for a move is one of the most stressful and crucial parts of the process. From organising all your items based on room use and function to making sure they’re securely packed, moving homes can quickly become a hassle. For this reason, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide and checklist to help you make sure you’ve sorted all your packing.

Moving supplies checklist

Before you pack, you need to ensure that you have the following supplies:

1. Bubble wrap or newspapers: This is to help keep your items and belongings protected from breaking during the moving process.
2. Cardboard boxes to carry your items.
3. Dolly: Rent a dolly so that your boxes don’t fall when moving, and to save some time too.

Room-by-room packing

We suggest you pack room-by-room to make it easier to unpack. Begin by making an inventory for each room. Once you’ve done this and have placed the items in their allocated boxes, don’t forget to mark each box on the top or side with the room name and the contents. A box for your child’s bedroom could say: ‘NAME bedroom, closet supplies.’


We recommend that you defrost your freezer at least two days before you move out. The foods in your refrigerator need to be kept in coolers. Be careful when packing dishes by using bubble wrap or newspaper for protection. And, the worst thing you could do is overpack your boxes – not only will this make it harder to move things around, but it will cause damage to more items should your box break.

Living room

For your electronic devices, we recommend that you tape the wires and screws to the back of your TV. For your furniture, the removal company will take them to the truck before you pack your other boxes. Your mirrors, books, and CDs should be in a separate box – again, carefully wrapped and without too many items in a box.


For your casual clothing, fold them and place them into the boxes; for your formal clothing, we recommend you keep them on hangers during transportation. All your jewellery should go in a container – any valuable jewellery should be in a small box that you keep with you. All your bedding and pillows should go in carrier bags to avoid the build-up of dust.


Your toiletries should be packed together and the same for your towels – the bathroom is probably the first room you’re going to unpack and use after moving.


All your outdoor furniture should be put in boxes or carrier bags. Ensure that you get rid of any weed killer or paint as it contains hazardous materials that are dangerous to move.

We hope this helps you on your packing journey. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with The Removals Group for all your moving needs by giving us a call on 07 5554 5003. Alternatively, drop us an email at for a damage-free, hassle-free move.