4 items that are the most likely to break in a move

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The big day has arrived for your move, and you’re waiting on the removalists to start loading their van with your precious items. As much as removalists take as much care and humanly possible to make sure your valuables don’t break through the moving process, there are some items in more danger of breaking than others.

There are obvious items like glassware and dinnerware, antiques and collectibles that are fragile, and you’ve taken the time to pack properly in bubble wrap or newspaper. However, some items are more prone to breaking that you may overlook and need extra packing care or even need to be transported with you.

Lamps and Shades

– Because they have an awkward shape and are usually made with fabric shades and glass or pottery/ceramic type bases, these can be damaged easily. Here’s what you should do:

  • Remove bulbs before packing and wrap them in bubble wrap or paper.
  • Use a separate box for the lampshade Try not to bend or force shade together to fit, or they will damage.
  • Don’t just wrap these, or they will bend or warp when pushed up against other items.

When packing the lamp base, pack it upright with plenty of paper and bubble wrap to stop it from moving around inside the box.

Electronic equipment

– Such as computers, stereo equipment, DVD players, and printers are valuable items that deserve care. Here’s how:

  • Remove batteries and power cable items from all items.
  • Use original boxes if possible. If you don’t have original packing, use large plastic containers with secure lids.
  • Cables can tangle easily and get lost. Either tape them to the back of the equipment or thread them through a toilet roll or plastic wrap cylinder and then wrap the whole thing so they are all secure.
  • Pack remote controls and other accessories with the equipment it belongs to so you won’t lose it. Label everything to match it with the right device easily. Ziplock bags and zip ties can be useful for this.
  • Electronic items are valuable and can be delicate, so don’t stack them on top of each other without padding between.
  • Extra towels and blankets are good to put between them as extra padding (and you have fewer linens to pack).

Sports equipment

– is both expensive but also odd-shaped and can be heavy. Some items can prove to be a hazard if not adequately secured. Here’s what to do:

  • Whenever possible, use original cases or boxes, especially for heavy items like bowling balls, soccer nets and rollerblades.
  • Invest in the right sized boxes to secure your tennis racquets, golf clubs, and even skis.
  • Secure surfboards, skis, snowboards and skateboards in specifically designed cover bags.

House plants 

– Here’s what you should do if your living pants need to be transported with the movers:

  • Avoid watering your plants a few days before the move so that the box doesn’t leak and damage other items in the moving van.
  • Tie the loose branches and provide stakes to support high stems.
  • Transport large plants in a spacious container where their leaves won’t touch too much of the van’s other things.

At The Removals Group, we can provide quality boxes and the right materials you need to transport all of your possessions to their new home safely. Give us a call to book your next move.