Make Unpacking A Piece of Cake with These Easy Tips

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Packing is an unavoidable part of the moving process. While it’s not anyone’s idea of fun, packing correctly is essential if you want to make things easier on the other side. This post will give you some handy removalist tips to make unpacking at your new place simple and hassle free.

Don’t pack last minute

Yeah, we know packing is a drag. But those boxes aren’t going to pack themselves. The sooner you start the better. Begin by packing the items that you can do without, such as ornaments, art and decorations, then move onto more important items as you progress. The less stressed you are when you pack, the more organised the unpacking will be on the other side.

Take it one room at a time

While it can be tempting to pack in any old order, it’s best to pack one room at a time. This way you can organise your boxes according to rooms, so when it’s time to unpack, you know that everything in that box can go in the same room.

Label everything clearly

If you don’t label your boxes, unpacking will be a nightmare! When you’ve finished with each box, seal it up and clearly label the room and its basic contents on the top and side of the box. For extra efficiency, label each room in a different colour. This makes its extra easy for your removalists on the other side.

Invest in good boxes

While asking for boxes from your local grocery store may be free, these boxes are not designed to hold heavy items. You don’t want to unpack at your new home only to find that one of your boxes has spilt across the removal truck floor. Instead, opt for high quality moving boxes which you can purchase from our Box Shop.

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